Electronic Component Sourcing Services

SYORANGE has the market knowledge and sourcing experience to prevent and resolve any possible electronic component shortages.

Our sourcing specialists’ team with many years of experience in sourcing services and a good understanding of the electronic components market is ready to provide the following sourcing services:

  • Preparing and creating appropriate volume orders, considering needed stock of spare supplies to guarantee continuous work.

  • Negotiating better prices and terms with the electronic component manufacturers. That is possible thanks to the long-term cooperations, high volumes, annual serial productions and experience of our purchase managers.

  • Assisting with product upgrade and replacement. Our sourcing team is always looking for the new cost-effective alternatives and helping our clients whenever they need to upgrade their production.

  • Cooperating and dealing only with proven manufacturers. That is always a good idea when considering long-term business. Small and unknown producers might look cheaper at the beginning, but unfortunately often they don’t guarantee any professional support, whenever it might be needed. On the other hand, checked and tested partners can provide guaranteed deadlines, quick product replacement, quality services, discounts based on the amounts and many more.

Our Purchasing team provides cost-effective global solutions that cover our clients electronic component needs.

Explore More About Our Services

Supply Chain Management

We take care of the complete chain and assist our clients with all documentation needed.

Cost-Saving Solutions

Thanks to our long-term cooperation with many leading manufacturers and successful experience in distribution we can open new doors and offer cost-effective solutions

Quality Control

We have built a complete quality control service, to ensure that all components meet your company needs and guarantees planned results.


Thanks to our experience in the field we have tested partnerships with the trusted source for high-quality components.


Our engineering team assists companies in solving manufacturing tasks and provides full support during the whole engineering process.



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